Self-Care Sunday

The journey to better self-care starts with one step. Often times people are overwhelmed by trying to change multiple things at one time to have better self-care. They tell themselves that they will start exercising everyday, and take a hot bath, and start many parts of what everyone had told them is the most important or vital parts of good self-care and they find themselves lost is a million tasks. This does not lead to good self care. This leads to even quicker burn-out.

We put one foot in front of then other. The way we have better self-care is start with something we can do that we like. If you have no interest in yoga, adding a yoga practice to your daily life is probably not the first step. What is something you like to do but has found itself on the back burner? That is the thing you need to add to your self-care routine.

There are tons of experts telling you all the things you should do; however, it’s time to think of all the suggestions as things you can do. Decide on what the first step is and take that first step. What is your first step towards self-care?