Pre-Adoption Psychological Evaluations

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Often when adopting internationally countries require a pre-adoption psychological evaluation. This is one part of the overall process and includes several sections. First is a clinical interview which may seem similar to that of the home study interview, covering childhood, employment and education, mental health history, substance abuse history, legal history, marital satisfaction, life stressors, coping, cultural awareness and sensitivity, motivation to adopt and your understanding of adoption. Additionally, it typically includes the administration of the MMPI-2RF which is one of the most widely used measurements of adult personality. As countries vary in their requirements, Dr. Coke collaborates with your adoption agency and tailors the evaluation to ensure fulfillment of all requirements.

Dr. Coke has worked with prospective adoptive families in many different capacities. She is sensitive to the various paths that have brought families to the adoption path. This evaluation is an opportunity for the pre-adoptive parents to enhance their confidence in raising a child, deepen their relationships and learn more about themselves.

Psychological evaluations are scheduled primarily in the evenings and on weekends and take place primarily through Telehealth.

To learn more or to schedule a consultation for a pre-adoption psychological evaluation call ‪(619) 738-3947‬ or email