Re-Assessing Goals

We are now through the first quarter of the year. This is a great time to re-evaluate the goals we set in January for the new year and determine which goals need to remain, what needs to be updated and which goals need to have the pause or stop button pushed on them.

This is the time to look at your overall priorities and see if they are the same as January when you set the goals for the year. Did circumstances change? Have other areas in your life become more of a priority? Just because a goal was set in January does not mean that it needstoremain the goal if this is no longer what the focus is. I set my goals with a timeline to be assessed every 3 months at a minimum.

What goals did you set in January that need to be re-assessed or ended. What are new goals that you are focused on? Did you set goals in January or did you not set goals at all? If you did not set goals this is a great time to set some goals for the period between now and July 1.

Are you not sure what kinds of goals you want to set? Start by asking what is something you consider important or something you want to see differently. You might have a goal related to fitness or physical health, you might have some mental health goals, you might have some career goals. Start off by setting the goal to do something (ie join a gym, start tracking your food, schedule a session with a therapist) as the first step. What step will you take?What goals are you updating?