Self-Care Sunday

Happy Sunday! I hope today is finding you well. I know some are struggling a bit today as those who live in areas with Daylight Savings Time lost an hour of sleep last night. Hopefully you gave yourself some compassion or time to rest.

Today as we take some time to focus on self-care, there are probably a million other things we think we should be doing. However, one of the key things with self-care is to be intentional about it.

This means practicing self-care on purpose. Setting aside time, each week or each day to practice some self-care. This may mean reading a book for pleasure, doing a hobby, working out, or resting. We each have our different ways that we do self-care, and each person does what they feel is right for them. For some it may be that they need to be with people, for others they need alone time away from people.

The key to self-care is doing it on purpose. Not waiting to see if maybe there will be some time to do self-care activities after everything else is done. Where are you doing self-care on purpose?