Self Care Sunday

Remember when you were a little kid and could dream to be whatever you wanted to be? You could say just about anything and people would let you say it. They wouldn't shoot down your idea because it wasn't logical... they would just smile (while thinking there is no way that will happen). Then one day, the world decided you were old enough to hear that maybe you wouldn't be able to do it. They could probably even give you really logical sounding reasons for it. Those dreams that were once allowed to take flight now were grounded with no chance of ever happening.

What would happen if we allowed ourselves to dream again? To let our minds wander (if only for day) to what could be. Would you be content to return to the ground and never try to fly again? Would we be re-energized to dream, to try things out, to grow? Today, the self-care challenge is to give yourself the space to dream.