Self Care Sunday

Today is the last day of February and we are quickly approaching spring. Spring brings about so many thoughts. In spring we see daylight lasting longer. We see the weather start to get warmer. We see flowers and trees begin to bloom once again. With spring I feel a sense of excitement being to come in anticipation of what will be seen. Also with spring approaching, I begin to think about spring cleaning. For me, this means cleaning the house and getting rid of unused or unneeded items. I find this process hard at times. However, other times I feel a sense of relief. Maybe it is just me, but getting rid of extra stuff that is taking up space feels good. This year, as I begin to prepare for spring cleaning, I am also taking inventory of theparts of my life where there are things taking up space and not being utilized. Routines that have grown stale or lost their usefulness, relationships that have become unhealthy or are not as much a priority as before. I take this as a time to reassess how I am spending my energy and my time.

Spring is a season marked with new growth. Sometimes we need to make room for the growth to occur. So after I have taken inventory, I begin to make changes and shift things that are impacting the growth I want to see in my life. This may mean getting rid of things that may be good but have begun to interfere with what I want to see.

Today's self-care task is to begin to take an inventory of what is limiting growth and determine what you need to do about it.