Self Care Sunday

Sometimes self-care looks like unplugging from the virtual world a bit and being fully present in what is going on around you. Last weekend was a bit crazy for me in more ways than one and it was a weekend with many emotions at the same times for different reasons. Typically MLK weekend is when I run the Pasadena Half Marathon (now called Rose Bowl Half-Marathon) and so needless to say my social media accounts were quick to remind me of the memories of previous years races. I moved into my own place again after being in a place of transition the last few months after moving to central CA for a new job. Also last Saturday was the one year anniversary of my mom's passing.

So there were many emotions felt last weekend and instead of distracting myself and hiding away in the world of social media, I spent much of the weekend away from social media and was involved in the things going on in my life. Feeling all the different emotions while not inherently a fun thing, is often the needed thing. One thing about self-care is you have to be aware of what you are feeling and allow yourself to feel the emotions. In DBT we learn that we can feel multiple emotions that appear contradictory at the same time and one does not discount the others. So we can feel disappointment, and excitement and grief all at the same time and it is ok.

Today are you allowing yourself to feel all the emotions or have you told yourself that some of the emotions are not ok to feel? Today I encourage you to allow yourself to feel all the emotions and not discount one.