Look Around

Waking up this morning in Congo, I woke up with a sense of wonder. We are really here in Congo! And I know that God has many things in store. As I pondered the day and began to be filled with anticipation, the power in the hotel room went out and I was reminded of the realities that are Goma. Within a few moments the power and flipped on and off a couple of times and then was back to normal. Things that we take as normal expectations are a luxury here. Consistent electricity is not always the case, hot water for a shower also not always the case, and consistent and fast WiFi is unheard of, it might be fast sometimes and you have a better chance at it being consistent. Another reality is that people here have joy, they are loving and in community. And what they have in those areas we are missing. Today in my reading one of the statements that stuck out was “as we see God as work in us, we’re motivated to work even more diligently.” I think that here in Congo they see God at work in such clear ways that they are so motivated to keep pressing in to be closer to God. How much can we learn from our friends here in Congo? Maybe we can learn to pay attention so that we can see how God is at work around us and in us. Where is God at work around you?