Thankful Thursday- Thanksgiving Day

Happy Thanksgiving Day! Today is a day where here in the United States we are reminded to be thankful more. Most people are able to identify that at least on today they need to identify what they are grateful for. Some people will struggle to identify one thing that they are grateful for, however for you this should not be a difficult thing to do since you have been bringing gratitude practice into your everyday life.

Over the last 7 weeks you have been challenged to add gratitude practices into your daily routine. How has this gone for you? Has gratitude become a routine practice for you? Is it something you do without having to think about it? Each week you tried a different thing within gratitude practice. Some things were pulled through from one week and then built upon. Now the goal is you will find what gratitude practice you are going to keep in your life moving forward.

I want you to look back over the last 7 weeks and think about how your gratitude practice has assisted you, how it has assisted those around you and what your experience has been in the process. Did it make enough of an impact to add this into your daily life after today? Let me know your thoughts and what you plan to do.