Thankful Thursday

Here we are one week from Thanksgiving and it may seem as though the world is speeding up towards the holidays and the days are getting busier and busier by the moment. In the midst of all of the busyness that comes with the holidays it is often hard to take a moment and breath let alone focus on what we may be grateful for.

Today I encourage to look back at the gratitude practice you may have established over the last few weeks or that you have tried to establish and identify what is it today that you are grateful for. Are you grateful that you are alive? Are you grateful for the opportunities to gather with friends? Are there other things you are grateful for today? I know, for some the weeks leading up to the start of the holiday season are filled with stress and uncertainty. However, I encourage you to find something you can focus on that you are grateful for (even the seemingly small thing) and write it down or speak it out. Don’t just think about the thing you are grateful for, tell someone or write it out.