Thankful Thursday

Happy thankful Thursday! I hope that you were able to complete last weeks challenge, however if you were not successful at completing this everyday, the journey started and now it is about continuing to work on it. Remember that as we add gratitude practice into our lives we tend to have a more positive outlook on life in general and we are more likely to see the positives in the situations. 

How was telling people that you were grateful for them and why? Was this hard? Was it easy? Did it feel awkward? It gets easier as you do it. For those who are receiving the comments they will get more accustomed to hearing the gratitudes from you as well. How did it feel for you afterwords? What did you see about yourself?

This week the challenge is to add in 1 thing you are grateful for and why. This does not need to be a person and you don’t need to tell it. However, you do need to write it down. That means that the current goal is 3 people and 1 extra thing (does not need to be a person). Are you ready to start this weeks challenge?