Thankful Thursday

As we enter the fall season, we begin to see the many holidays that are quickly approaching. As we embark on entering the holiday season it is good to prepare ourselves mentally for what is the come ahead. It is good to begin to establish healthy self-care routines before we get into the swing of the craziness that may be the holiday season. 

One thing that is a good self-care routine to have is a routine of gratitude. There are many many statistics that speak to how gratitude positively impacts us. However, we often forget to practice gratitude. As we come into the fall season one thing I am going to be doing is writing a blog with a challenge to include more gratitude in daily life. This will start today October 7 and go each Thursday through thanksgiving day. The goal is the each week we will integrate gratitude practice more into our lives and that it will become a habit that does not stop when thanksgiving happens but that it will be something that continues long term. 

Today the challenge is to think of 3 people you are grateful for and why you are grateful for them everyday. Once you have thought of the person, tell them you are grateful for them and why. You never know how this will help those around you.