You are __________ enough

Almost everyday I hear someone talking about how they don't feel _____ enough. They may say they don't feel smart enough, pretty enough, qualified enough, good enough...the list can go on and on and on. In the end we are trained to always think we are not enough. I wonder what would happen if began to tell ourselves that we are enough, that we are smart enough or qualified enough? Would we begin to see ourselves through a better lens?

There is power in our words. The things we say about ourselves often become true. When we sit and say all negative about ourselves we begin to allow those negative thoughts to consume us. When we begin to verbalize the positive things, we begin to believe those things. What would happen if we told ourselves and one another that we are _________ enough?

I know that for some of us, saying those positive things about ourselves is not easy and is a struggle. Maybe something we can do is make a pact with some close friends to begin to speak life over one another and help each other out with speaking the positives to one another. Maybe its just that we can listen to music that has those anthems of positives that we can sing over ourselves. We need to start with what we can do, and start there. For some it might be that they say one positive affirmation about oneself. For others they may be able to say ten positive affirmations about themselves. For others finding that one thing may be too much and they may need to find a tribe that can help them work to see their own positives.

What are you going to do? What will you do to remind yourself that you are enough?