You Are Worth It

What do you feel is your worth? Do you feel you are worthy of love and compassion? Do you feel you are worthy of your love and compassion?

The struggle is real. Living in our current society we hear mixed messages regarding what makes us worthwhile or worthy. We hear the messages that we need to be pretty enough, or smart enough, or successful enough in order to be worthy.  Society fills our mind with ideas of who we should be in order to find our worth. What would happen if we began to fight that notion? 

We can tell other that it does not matter what they look like, or how smart they are, or how successful they are, that they are worthwhile. We fight for our friends to see how worthwhile they are, however we are blind to our own worth.  How hard are we willing to fight for our friends? How hard are we willing to fight for ourselves?  What does it look like for you to begin to fight for yourself?

How do you start? Start small with something you can do consistently and add in more. Start by saying positive affirmations daily (maybe 2-3 things). As this becomes easier, add in a few more affirmations (3-5). Then start changing how you talk about yourself to a more compassionate self-talk. This requires a little reframing of the situations. Instead of saying “I’m so dumb, I never do anything right…” saying “I made a mistake and I have something to learn from it.”  If you are having a hard time reframing, imagine for yourself having to reframe for a friend and then place that statement on yourself. 

This week I encourage you to remember that are worthy of your love and compassion. 

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