Anchors and Routine

The struggle has been real the last few months. We have seen our lives thrown upside down and possibly feel as though we are on one of the rollercoasters that throws us upside down and turns topsy-turvy. In the midst of this rollercoaster we can't quite seem to find the end of the ride, because every time we think we are at the end it starts back up and everything changes.

Who knows where the next turn will take us, will we have more things open or will a door slam in our face? We have seen people go from one end of the pendulum and before we can say a word, the people have swung to to opposite side of the pendulum. We can't get our bearings straight and we feel a bit disoriented. Rightfully so, the things that have anchored us and kept our bearings straight have been shattered by the current situation. I am sure we are going to have awhile feeling disoriented. Even when life returns to "normal" things are going to not be the same.

What is the thing that has been your anchor? What had kept you grounded thus far? Have you been able to stay grounded and anchored or are your feeling out of control?

One thing I have done in the midst of the constantly changing world is kept my routine as close to normal as possible. I continued to wake up early and workout. I kept my running days the same. I kept working the same hours and set boundaries to keep things the same as much the same. There are parts that are missing but the core elements are the same. The parts that were missing I adjusted to make as close as possible to what I had. This is what has kept me sane. How have you managed through this? Have you kept a routine? How are you adjusting?