Finding Your Tribe

In the last few months I have spent time looking for community, looking for my tribe. When I say my tribe, I mean those that I can count on to understand where I am coming from, to just sit with me even if I am not saying anything and to challenge me to grow. My community of people that I can count on. I typically just have avoided being a part of a tribe or community, floating from place to place and never really settling down or putting down roots. This year, I really felt like I needed to put down some roots. The first thing was signing a lease at an apartment. Since then, I have been working to build some roots in my life. I am connecting with people and building relationships with them. I decided that I needed to find my tribe. My tribe has people from all different walks of life and that have a different impact in my life. Some of the people in my tribe are from my church, from my wellness business, from previous work and from my box. Looking now, I see how important that I have people from all parts of my life in my tribe. Recently, I was at my box (Crossfit gym) and I was thinking about the fact that I had made it to the box 4x (soon to be 5x) this week and 4x the past week, and it was in part because of the tribe. One of the women, has been encouraging me each day, with "see you tomorrow right?" In the morning, when I am feeling like not going to work out, I remember that I told her I would be there. You know, she has also said, when she is having a hard time getting up and working out she remembers that she told me that she remembers that she told me she would be there and so she gets up. Our tribes build us up, they support us, they keep us from giving up. In my mind I know who the people are in my tribe, those that matter to me, those that support me and build me up when I need them, but they are also those that I support and build up when they need to be built up. Who is your tribe?