Dear Introvert, You Need Community

As an introvert, I know that I will probably get some eye rolling for this but.... well  I am going to say it, introverts need community. I know, I know, it is uncomfortable and awkward and you feel drained after being around people.  I know that you don't understand the extraverts need to engage in small talk. I know that community can be a scary place in general. I also know that without community we do not grow. Life happens in circles and rows is one thing that I have heard a million times at church. Rows are when we go to church and we sit and listen, and then go home. Circles are the times we gather in smaller groups and talk and learn from one another. Circles are where community happens. In the circle of community we grow, we are healed, we learn more than we will ever learn from sitting in the rows. Now I know that community is not easy by any stretch of the imagination for an introvert. If you ask most people that know me, they will tell you I hate small groups, they are uncomfortable and difficult and I usually try and find a way to not say anything while I am there. Conversely I also hold small groups with a high value. I know that they are important and integral in our growth, in our healing, in becoming who we are called to be. So what do I do, I become intentional, I join small groups or lead them, and I make the conscious effort to participate. Some days are harder than others, it is in those times that I am grateful for people that know the struggle and help push me out of my comfort zone. For me, it just takes a little push now when I am hiding in my comfort zone. Before, it was almost impossible to get me to join in a small group and truly participate, unless it was answering factual information. Over the last few years, I have learned the value of community. The value of being known. I know that in my own spiritual growth and personal development, community has been the catalyst to exponential growth. This is where the logic side of my brain kicks in, community = exponential growth = efficient use of time = good. This means community=good. So in my logic brain I begin to understand that if I want to grow and develop my spiritual walk and my own personal development than I need to be in community. So for my introvert friends, trust me when I say you need community. When you stop growing you start to deteriorate. If something is not growing it is dying right? If you are not growing.... you can finish the logic there. So the challenge, where is your community? Are you in community? What steps are you willing to take towards being in community? Comment  below, lets chat!