Mothers Day For The Foster Mother

To the hero of the day, the ones that may or may not have children on this Mother's day. To the foster moms, I admire what you do.  This month is foster care awareness month and so often the foster moms go unrecognized. They are there in the middle of the night when a little one has no place to sleep, they help the little ones with their homework and love them and often times then give them back to their mothers. I remember once, calling a foster mom needing a place for 3 small littles for the weekend, until their placement was available on Monday. She graciously was willing to take these babies into her home, after I had finally got them to her home, she came out to the car and helped me carry these sweet littles into her home. One little guy was in nothing but a "wife beater" shirt, no diaper, no nothing and he had wet himself in the carseat. She pulled got him out of the carseat took off the shirt and held him close to soothe him. She wiped him down with baby wipes and put a diaper and some pajamas on him and then just held him till he fell asleep.  What they had already endured that night was a nightmare, and only 3 of the 4 were there because one was in the ICU (he didn't make it). The foster mom loved these precious babies (all 3 and under) for that weekend and sent them on their way to a more permanent placement. She took in children without hesitation and loved them as her own, no matter how long they stayed in her home. Mother's day may have come with no kids in her home and she made sure that anything her older foster kids made for mother's day at school went to their mom during a visit. She was a hero. To those whose heart have been ripped from their chest because they have fallen in love with a little, only to have that precious child return home or be sent to a relative, thank you for loving them well. Thank you that you chose to love even when it is hard and when you know that your heart is going to be ripped from your chest. To those who may not be celebrated on this mother's day, I celebrate YOU! I celebrate that you are a strong mother. You are a mother that often goes unrecognized so today I recognize you. For those reading this, if you know any foster mothers this mother's day celebrate them, tell them you appreciate what they do, show them love.