Where Are You Hiding

Recently I was listening to Unashamed by Christine Caine and she described a story of a little girl that was playing hide and go seek with her grandma. She described how the little girl would always go to the same hiding place over and over again (behind her grandmother's chair). This same little girl witnessed lots of violence and eventually was sent to live with her grandmother. One day after many months of therapy, the little girl decided she was going to talk about what she saw with her parents. That day she was fine until she got to the therapists office, then all of a sudden she became overwhelmed and went and hid herself behind the old chair in the room. From this known safe hiding place she told in the best way she could  the story to allow for the healing to begin. This made me think, where do we hide? Why are we in our hiding places? Do we hide because the dark places are so scary that we have to allow God's healing from our own safe hiding place? Or are we hiding because we are so afraid to allow God to even heal or so.  Do we even realize that we are in a hiding place or has it become where we spend all of our time? So just a thought for the day. Where are you hiding?