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Re-Assessing Goals

We are now through the first quarter of the year. This is a great time to re-evaluate the goals we set in January for the new year and determine which goals need to remain, what needs to be updated and which goals need to have the pause or stop button pushed on them. This is

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Self Care Sunday

Today is the last day of February and we are quickly approaching spring. Spring brings about so many thoughts. In spring we see daylight lasting longer. We see the weather start to get warmer. We see flowers and trees begin to bloom once again. With spring I feel a sense of excitement being to come

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Self-Care Sunday

The journey to better self-care starts with one step. Often times people are overwhelmed by trying to change multiple things at one time to have better self-care. They tell themselves that they will start exercising everyday, and take a hot bath, and start many parts of what everyone had told them is the most important

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