Tag: Holidays

Advent – Faith

Today in churches all over the world, the second advent candle is lit. the candle will be lit and there will a call and response read. For me, there is something special about remembering the faith of those waiting for the coming Messiah. Growing up I did not understand or appreciate the significance of Advent.

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New Years

Christmas has passed and you know what that means? That’s right it is time for the new year to begin! I don’t know about you but I love New Years because I love taking the time and thinking about what I want to see different this year. What do I hope to accomplish this year?

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Christmas Musings

Christmas is here!! This season is always a season where I am full of wonder both for what we see around and for the miracle of Christmas. I walk around and everywhere I look there are decorations. For some reason the season just seems magical right? The thing is that for me, while I can

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