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Self-Care Sunday

Happy Sunday! I hope today is finding you well. I know some are struggling a bit today as those who live in areas with Daylight Savings Time lost an hour of sleep last night. Hopefully you gave yourself some compassion or time to rest. Today as we take some time to focus on self-care, there

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Place In This World

The past few months have been one filled with change. At the beginning of fall I left a job doing amazing work and moved full time into working in mental health (also doing amazing work). This of course came after finishing my PhD in Psychology and no longer having the role of grad student. And

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Can These Bones Live?

Recently I was in a meeting at church and the pastor asked us several questions about the hopes for the new year and there were two that he asked that I just could not answer. He asked “what are you hoping to see God do in you?” And he asked “what are you hoping to

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