Self-Care Sunday

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First let me start by saying Happy Valentine’s Day! I hope that your day is going well. I know for many people this day can be difficult. For some it reminds them of failed relationships, or a number of other things. So today, the focus of our self-care Sunday is self-love.

How do you love yourself? Do you love yourself? Or do you spend your time focused on all the negative parts of who you are? What are the things about yourself that are positives? What are the things you do well?

If you were talking to a friend, what would you tell them? Would you point out their strengths? Would you say the positive things about them? Would you focus on every negative thing about them? Most of us are far more kind to our friends than ourselves. This week I am going to encourage you to have some love for yourself and say three things each day that you. Love about yourself.

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