Who Are You

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When we were little we had dreams of who we wanted to be. We would dream up the possibilities and we could do anything we set our minds to. As we grew up those dreams faded and somehow we lost who we are. The dreams are still there and we are still the same person now as when we were dreaming. Somewhere in the growing up we forget who we are.

What is it that has hidden our identity from ourselves?

Fear blinds us to who we are created to be. Fear tells us that we are not able. Fear tells us that we can not do anything right. Fear convinces us that it is better to be safe, to not rock the boat and to not dream.

What if you stop letting fear dictate decisions- Mark Batterson

This quote I heard while listening to an audio book this week and I had to stop and put it into my phone so I wouldn’t forget it. What if fear was no longer allowed to have a say in who we are and what we dream? What if fear had its power stripped away?

Who are you when fear is not masking your identity? Who are you? What dreams have you been letting stay covered by fear? Are you ready to take back the power?

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