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Book Review The Unlikely Missionary: From Pew-Warmer to Poverty-Fighter

Before I get started, this is my first attempt at writing a book review.

I finished reading this book yesterday and thought that I should write a review of the book.  The book is the story of an everyday guy and blogger that went on an extra ordinary adventure.  He was asked to go as part of a team to help with micro-finance and business training. The format of the book is broken into several chapters and within some of the chapters were journal entries of the days and his thoughts and feelings.  Reading the story of how he became a changed man, one that understood that there was a world outside of his little world.  As a read the book I could feel my heart being stirred for more.

Do I recommend that other people read this book?

I would definitely recommend this book for anyone that wants to do more but needs help and practical tools to do more for the Kingdom of God. Each chapter has a Praxis section, where the author gives several specific steps or ideas to help change.  Also its not even expensive as a Kindle book.  If you decide you are interested in the book please click on the link to order from Amazon as I get paid a small percentage for people that buy from the link.

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