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SRCMC Missions

Dr Jeff and 3 nurses recently got back from Oaxaca Mexico.

In one Orphanage, the team saw 40 patients among the children of the orphanage. In Mixteco of Santiago. The team flew on a single-engine plane to do an Outreach in a needy location, where there is little medical services available. The team worked in two pueblos of that group. The first day the team saw 100 patients in Las Cuevas. On the second day the team saw about 140 patients in El Llano.  Dr. Jeff attended one station and the nurses in the other stations. Both Modesto & Gabino are visiting those pueblos on a regular basis. In  Zapoteco of Santa Catarina. We held the brigade in two different villages of that Zapoteco Group. The team attended 140 people in Santo Tomas where some villagers remembered the same medical team that had ministered there in the past. They treated the…

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